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ECMO Coordinator

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Job Description


Under indirect supervision, the Critical Care ECMO Program Coordinator plans, implements, and evaluates the direct patient care activities for assigned program team staff.

The Coordinator directs a team of professional and support staff to ensure assessment, planning, provision and evaluation of patient care to at-risk patients and their families.

Provides assistance with the management of and oversight of patient care activities for this complex program through effective leadership, including communicating goals and strategies, providing direction and priorities and providing enthusiasm and support.

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1. The program coordinator communicates, implements and enforces the philosophy, mission, values, standards, policies and procedures of Nationwide Children?

s Hospital.

2. Oversees the supervision of personnel, which includes hiring, work allocation, training, and problem resolution, evaluates performance and makes recommendations for personnel actions; motivates employees to achieve peak productivity and performance.

3. Coordinates day-to-day operations of the ECMO program, while assuring all performance standards of staff are met.

4. Oversees direct ECMO circuit care and management, and delivery of patient care by all ECMO specialists within the program.

5. Maintains established institutional policies and procedures, objectives, quality improvement program and safety, environmental and infection control standards.

Implements established goals and objectives for quality management plans to meet Nationwide Children's Hospital strategic goals, including:a) Quarterly ECMO mortality and morbidity reviewb) Quarterly ECMO leadership meetingc) Monthly Staff meetings for the ECMO team

6. Performs administrative functions, including budget management, statistics and reporting, billing and reimbursement tracking and related administrative activities for the ECMO program.a) Collaborates with purchasing and Associate Chief, Cardiovascular Perfusion to prepare high-cost equipment bids.

7. Assists with monthly budget expenditures and revenue evaluation.

8. Develops, reviews and updates protocols, job descriptions, and other paperwork; facilitates communication amongst ECMO team, as appropriate.

9. Promotes teamwork by building a team environment and fostering cross-functional collaboration.

Represents the program at internal and external committees, meetings, and conferences.a) Collaborates with administration, ECMO Medical Directors, Mechanical Assist Program, Nursing and Respiratory Program Managers, Perfusion, Chairs and Physician groups on an ongoing basis to achieve patient and program goals.

10. Conducts, coordinates and supports clinical research projects.

11. Continually evaluates literature, equipment and trends related to ECMO/ECLS.

12. Assists in the collection and review of clinical data to evaluate the ECMO program.

Maintains a patient record database, further provides this information to the ELSO organization for statistical evaluation and comparison to other ECMO programs both foreign and domestic.

13. Maintains a high level of clinical expertise in the area of ECMO to perform direct patient care as necessary.

Teach, precept and mentor ECMO specialists to function in accordance with standards and expectations.

Acts as a clinical consultant to respiratory care, nursing, and medical staff.

14. Evaluates new technologies, equipment, and supplies.

Coordinates evaluation of new items through the ECMO leadership team.

15. Provides direct care to ECMO patients, performing all functions of the ECMO specialist as necessary.

Responsible for priming the ECMO circuit.

Recommends appropriate cannula to the attending surgeon and answers questions regarding achievable flow rates.

Responsible for stabilizing these patients after cannulation.

May share clinical responsibilities, such as priming the ECMO circuit, with the ECMO specialist or other CCP.

16. Assesses continuing education needs of the ECMO staff.

Plans and implements strategies to meet identified needs.

Consults with critical care units in support of their staff education needs.

17. Ensures minimum requirements for ELSO Center of Excellence Award are attained.

Responsible for submission of annual ELSO dues, ELSO Registry and renewal of Center of Excellence Award.

18. Provides initial and ongoing training, education, and assures continuing competency for ECMO specialists and ECMO primers.

Assures minimum requirements for quarterly and annual competencies of staff are met.

Identifies and provides plan for additional educational needs of staff.

19. Provides ongoing annual education for bedside RNs providing care of the ECMO patient.

20. Actively assesses activation process and identifies areas for quality improvement.

Works closely with physicians, surgeons, bedside RNs, blood bank, radiology and perfusion to provide needed support in a timely manner.

21. Supports the philosophy and objectives of Nationwide Children's Hospital and assists in interpreting these to referral agencies and the community.

22. Serves as a clinical resource for Nationwide Children's Hospital departments and referral hospitals inquiring about ECMO.

23. Ensures a system for tracking and maintaining equipment and supplies.

24. Plans / facilitates intra-/inter-hospital transport of the ECMO patient.

25. Plans the annual ECMO education course under the leadership of the ECMO Medical Directors and Associate Chief of Perfusion for critical care fellows and surgeons.

26. Attends annual ECMO Coordinator meeting held at regional ECMO conferences



1. Ohio Licensed RRT or RN or board certified cardiovascular perfusionist.

2. Bachelor's Degree is required.

3. Three - five years critical care experience with one year in a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, or Pediatric Perfusion experience preferred.

4. Demonstrated ability to teach utilizing principles of adult learning.

5. High level of initiative, self-direction and accountability for actions required.

6. Strong knowledge of quality improvement methodology, leadership and decision-making skills required.

7. Ability to maintain composure and function effectively in stressful situations.

8. Effective interpersonal skills required in interactions with department staff, Nationwide Children's Hospital medical and nursing staff, other hospital employees, parents/guardians, other agencies and institutions, and the public.


1. Must be able to effectively communicate and perform in stressful situations.

2. Must be able to stand, walk, see, hear, read, speak and write for prolonged periods without accommodations.

3. Must be able to independently lift 18 kg.

4. Must be able to move or reposition patients of any weight or size with assistance.

Note frequency as Constantly (67-100%), Frequently (34-66%) and Occasionally (0-33%) for each requirement.

Also note any lifting requirements with pound limit.

Sitting C Talking on phone/in person C Typing on a keyboard F Standing/walking F

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