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Job Description

What do you seek in your career path?

An opportunity for growth?

A chance to succeed?

A fun, exciting social environment?

Blending all of these together is the difference between a good job and a great career.

At IHOP You'll discover a balance between work life and personal life, as well as a wealth of benefits for your health, future, family and happiness.

We strive to encourage, enrich and celebrate our associates every day.


It's simple-we found it's the best way to help people reach their potential.

It all starts with our inclusive culture, which welcomes and embraces our collective differences...and the strengths these differences create.

If this sounds like the kind of workplace you would enjoy, please apply now!

Our restaurant is looking for a server with remarkable hard skills and engaging people skills.

The right person for this job should be able to multitask food and beverage orders and deliveries, but not only that.

Our restaurant prides itself in providing excellent service, which is why we are looking for a server who will treat our guests with attentiveness, patience, and a positive attitude.

The responsibilities of a Server in our restaurant are to greet guests, seat them down, help them with menu recommendations, take and deliver orders (carry trays), and clear tables.

All our servers are also responsible for handling cash and credit card transactions.

To help our restaurant provide a pleasurable dining experience, a good server should be able to ensure that our guests are fully satisfied by being friendly, courteous, accommodating, and reliable.

A suitable candidate for the job should also be a problem-solver and a team player.

About IHOP

Since 1958, IHOP® has been the place where people connect over breakfast, enjoy study breaks, grab a bite before or after sporting events, and so much more.

And no matter what menu items they order, there’s one ingredient that’s always constant — a smile.

We’ve seen millions of smiles over the years in our restaurants, and now shared in photos across our social properties.

In fact, smiles are so much a part of our culture that we changed our logo to include one.

This is just one of the many fun and exciting changes you can expect from IHOP®.

Because we know the shortest distance between two people is a smile.


Discounted meals

Employee referral program

Server Job Requirements:

Prior experience as a server is a plus.

Must showcase teamwork and communication skills.

Must be able to handle money transactions responsibly.

Must be able to multitask and act quickly.

Must be flexible and ready to work in shifts.

Must be a team player.

Ability to wipe down table tops, table legs, pick up debris off of the floor and wipe down booth seats in all areas of the restaurant.

Transports plates, glasses and baskets to and from dining room, service bar, and the kitchen about 30 times per shift.

Reading, writing, basic math and verbal communication skills required.

Mobility required during the entire shift.

Other duties as needed.

Responsibilities of a Server:

Greeting, seating, and escorting guests.

Providing menu recommendations and additional information.

Upselling additional products when appropriate.

Taking orders using software or order slips.

Communicating order details to the kitchen staff.

Delivering food and beverages in a timely fashion.

Delivering checks and collecting bill payments.

Cleaning and maintaining the appearance of tables and tableware.

Providing exceptional customer experience.

Delivers food and drinks to guests using IHOP’s team delivery system.

Greet guests, answers questions, makes suggestions regarding food, drinks, and service.

Interacts verbally with all guests creating a friendly and upbeat atmosphere.

Relays orders to service bar and kitchen via the point-of-sale computerized register system.

Observes guests and responds to any additional requests.

Presents guest check to each table and accepts a form of payment.

Makes correct change and/or completes the proper charge card procedure.

Pay: $5.13 / hour

Job types: Full-time, Part-time

Work location: On-site

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